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Industrial Wildlife Management

Statewide Animal Control specializes in industrial wildlife management, large and small scale- balancing ecosystems to reduce human- wildlife confrontations in industrial settings. Industrial environments overrun with wildlife are not only safety concerns, but can cause companies thousands in damages each year.

We understand safety is a top priority, and our record for safety is impeccable. We are certified to work in high security areas.


  • Hog Trapping and Control ***

  • Nuisance Coyote Trapping, Management and control.

  • Trapping and Control of all nuisance wildlife. 

  • Altitude Removals

  • Dog and Cat Removal

  • Construction Site Wildlife Monitor

  • Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

  • Snake Removal - venomous/nonvenomous

*** Hogs cans cause thousands in damages to industrial properties and equipment each year, and pose a major threat to human safety. We safely work within job sites to remove Wild Hogs.

Statewide Animal Control uses both small traditional traps and large state of the art cellular remote control trapping systems capable of trapping the entire sounder, to get the job done as quickly as possible!

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