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Community Animal Control

  • ​Stray dogs and cats

  • Injured wildlife rescue

  • Hog control (large and small scale)

  • Muscovy duck control

  • Beaver control

  • Nutria removal

  • Damage control and restoration

  • Deceased animal pickup.

  • And more!

    ​We work with all wildlife and
    domestic animals. Contact us today
    to see how we can help you create
    a safer environment for your community!

Statewide Animal Control provides quick response animal control services to communities in Houston and surrounding areas.  We work with your community to create a plan that fits your budget, to help solve your animal problems and create a safer environment for residents and their pets.


We are Animal Control Officers, and drive a professional, animal control truck - often our presence noted in the community is enough to encourage residents to keep their pets contained. We are available to speak at HOA meetings and with residents in the community as we are on patrol. Stray domestic animals are scanned for a microchip and taken to Animal Control that has jurisdiction, but we also try to network them with rescue groups to help adopt them into loving homes if not reclaimed by owner.

Wildlife services are also available upon request, we work with all wildlife. Muscovy duck control, hog control (large and small scale), nutria, beaver, or nuisance coyote problems as well as rescue of sick, injured or removal of deceased animals in the community.


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